The Passive Pinning Strategy


Do you feel like there's never enough TIME in the day to make Pinterest work for you?

Between learning how to use SEO on Pinterest, pinning other people's content, maintaining an active presence on the platform, and making new pins

Does it all just feel a little bit daunting?

Do you struggle with pinning consistently?

You know you should be pinning regularly. You know your reach would improve if you were active on Pinterest every day but you feel like everything you pin out there isn’t reaching many people or your not getting enough saves and clicks?

Maybe it's because you think your your content isn’t good enough? Maybe your pins are just not ‘pretty’ enough?

Do you have no idea how to REACH more people and drive more TRAFFIC to your blog?

You keep pinning your content like a mad person and hoping for the best that one of those many pins might get seen by an influencer and they might pin it and you’ll magically get hundreds of raging fans to your blog?

And how can you gain followers that really follow instead people who are just playing the follow/unfollow game? You know, real, interested people, potential clients and brands. Followers that actually save your pins to their boards, not just your friends and family, or accounts that follow just to unfollow you 2 days later.

And you're wondering…

Can all the time and effort you're putting into this platform really pay off?



• Expand your impact, grow your reach, and attract your ideal audience, REAL people who consistently engage with your content - and who love what you do!

• Grow your influence by multiplying your engagement and the number of clicks and saves on your pins.

• Increase your following, not because of vanity numbers - but because you know that the bigger your impact, the bigger your influence, the bigger your INCOME.

• Effortlessly create highly engaging content that builds your know, like, and trust factor and creates authentic connections with your audience and potential clients.

• Achieve all of that by following a few simple steps and systems so you'll spend a lot less time on the Pinterest platform and still get amazing results!!


The Passive Pinning Strategy

My comprehensive Pinterest x Tailwind online course that teaches you all the ins and outs, the proven strategies that will allow you to immediately increase the number of your following & engagement so that you can finally start generating quality traffic to your blog all while decreasing the amount of time spent pinning and finding new content to repin!

In less than 6 months, I have not only grown my own account to over 350k monthly views and an average of 200 clicks to my blog DAILY! I have used this platform as the main way to attract my ideal audience, and build a thriving business that allows me to focus on what’s important in life, and actually have a social life!

I can honestly say that I have turned my Pinterest profile into a traffic generating machine! And through the use of affiliate links been and the release of my own digital products it has also makes me money while I sleep.

I learnt how to do everything from scratch, taken out all of the fluff, outdated and irrelevant data from courses I’ve taken and lessons I’ve learnt from my own testing and experiments to grow my profile to what it is now, and it’s still growing! I know YOU can too!



6 Video lessons outlining Tailwinds best features and how you can use them to boost your marketing strategy on Pinterest.

A WHOLE module on Tailwind tribes teaching you everything from finding and doing the best tribes to a super strategy to push your content reach and vitality even further.

PLUS: PDF worksheets, checklists and cheatsheets to help you implement the strategies learn throughout the course.

AND BONUSES!! Scroll down for more!


Module 1: Tailwind Features

Generate a unique smart schedule tailored just for you. Pin as many or as little as you want knowing your profile will stay active through out the day and not just when your active on the platform.

Create time saving board lists that work in your favour to keep each individual board full of relevant content that attracts your ideal audience.

3 awesome ways to use board lists to boost your scheduling efforts.

Learn how to schedule your first pin with Tailwind and what the best practices are to give your pins the very best chance to succeed.

Get an understanding on your pinning queue and how you can stay onto of your schedule.

Fully emerging you into you profile insights and understanding what they all mean and how you can use them to benefit your content and marketing strategy.

Module 2: Tailwind Tribes

Emerge yourself into the world of Tribes and discover their true powers and how to utilise them properly.

Stop wondering and start finding and joining the right Tribes that will actually work in your favour so you're no longer waisting your shares to Tribes that aren't sharing your content.

Learn the best strategy to get the ultimate benefit from using Tailwind Tribes.


This is what Carla said about Passive Pinning Strategy...

- Carla @

Before Carla and I started working together, this was Carla's overall clicks to her website with Pinterest.

Then a week after implementing the strategies I teach you in the course...

Within that 3 week period after implementing the Passive Pinning strategies we were able to generate over 16 average daily clicks to her blog!



(VALE: $87)

Learn the new Pinterest 2018 best practice of creating fresh pins in a matter of seconds and ensure that you are getting your new and old pins out to an even wider audience and reach new people.

My most requested video that is all about scheduling a WHOLE month worth of content in under 1 hour. The training video goes for less than 15 and the set up should only take you about 20 minutes as well, but once that's done you don't have to touch it again and you can just focus on scheduling out content for a month, once a month.

Lastly you'll learn a quick and simple little strategy to semi-loop your content so that you can create evergreen blog posts, sales pages and more with just a simple few click of your mouse.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Your Instructor


Letter from Cassie

I started my Pinterest journey on Feb 24th, 2018. I started using my old account I made a few years back for a Uni assignment, and never touched it since. I also started with a petty little 33 followers and about 600 monthly views. Most of my followers were my friends from uni and I started with the bare minimum so I’m just going to say I started from scratch.

On March 21st I had invested in the amazing Tailwind app. From that day forward I began to see a steady increase and even a couple of spikes in my Pinterest traffic and Blog page views. It was all mainly because of Tailwind. And ever since that day I have been experimenting with different kinds of tactics to grow my Pinterest profile and traffic flow to my blog! Since I saw such a great success from using Pinterest and Tailwind I decided to focus my Social Media Marketing blog towards Pinterest.

I have since then started a Facebook group, my own Tailwind tribe and my own Pinterest Group Boards to connect with my amazing audience and my community has been growing ever since. Where ever possible I ask for some feedback from my audience about their BIGGEST struggles with Pinterest are, and you know what’s the most common? Getting traffic to their blogs and staying consistent/active on Pinterest.

So with that information, I decided to create a course dedicated to Tailwind as it is the BIGGEST helper when it comes to driving traffic and staying consistent. It’s a scheduling app that is approved by Pinterest so you basically only need to show up on Pinterest maybe once or twice a week if even that!

So my friends, let’s dive in and learn all there is to know about Tailwind and how it can help you!

Get started now!